Leaders Worth Following

Follow a leader who:

  • Authentically loves Jesus, not simply appearing to follow him
  • Knows God’s calling on their life
  • Listens to their convictions, instead of their critics
  • Acts with confidence, not bravado
  • Cares about people, rather than controlling them
  • Has a plan to move forward, rather than just keeping people busy
  • Earns trust, rather than expecting it
  • Demonstrates integrity, rather than quick and/or easy solutions
  • Listens to and learns from others
  • Accepts responsibility, rather than making excuses
  • Develops and grows others
  • Open and honest about expectations and evaluations
  • Sees faithfulness as more important than effectiveness
  • Demonstrates an understanding of humility by being a servant
  • Loves inspiration–hearing from God–more than influence over others.

This list can’t be exhaustive! What would you add to it?

Are you a leader worth following? Why?

2 thoughts on “Leaders Worth Following”

  1. Matt i like the list. I would also add that they’d be willing to ask “How can I help more than Can you do this for me”.
    Another value would be Encourages others to take risks that are kingdom based instead of pedestal based

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